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All inclusive trip : professional fishing equipment

My Fishing Trip organizes for you a quality all inclusive fishing trip for you, in the heart of Costa Rica, on the Osa peninsula.


During your stay, dedicated to fishing, Aurélie and Greg take care of your accommodation, your meals and provide you professionnal fishing equipment.

equipped boat: essential equipment for a day of fishing in Osa Bay

Panga de 29 pieds pour une journée de pêche confortable

Essential, the boat that welcomes you during your all-inclusive fishing trip to Costa Rica is a spacious and comfortable panga


Its design gives it great stability, ideal for tough battles. Its large size (29 feet) allows you to move easily on board and offers beautiful fishing areas in the front and aft.S


Armchairs and a covered area allow non-fishing companions to enjoy the spectacle of a day of fishing and all to relax in the shade during the midday meal.

Sport fishing and high-end equipment: be accompanied by professionals


For each fishing trip, My Fishing Trip provides you with professional quality fishing equipment adapted to each specialty, whether you choose inshore fishing or offshore fishing.

  • Popper rods Pen 30 lbs and 60 lbs
  • Reel Spinfisher V
  • FeedPooper, Halco, Sebille…
  • Jigging rods Pen 50 / 150 gr and 150 / 300 gr
  • Reel Spinfisher V
  • Lures Williamson and others from 20g to 300g
  • Trolling rods Pen
  • Reel Pen and Fin-Nor
  • Specific lures for inshore and offshore trolling

You can talk about fishing equipment and techniques with your host every evening after the fishing days, comfortably installed in our Nueva Vida lodge or during the meal included in our formula.


Do you want to use your own equipment? No problem. Remember to take two rods, one light and one heavy, as well as different lures to vary the pleasures. Do not neglect the formalities associated with the passage of your equipment at the airport when preparing your trip.