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Stay in Costa Rica: prepare your trip and budget well

That's it, you've chosen the destination of your next trip: Costa Rica. Do you dream of green and wild spaces, unspoiled beaches, exotic fish, authenticity? We would definitely recommend the Osa Peninsula and its natural park, the Corcovado!


You have many questions, however, in terms of organization and budget, and that is only natural. Here are some points to take into account in order to properly prepare your trip.


Prepare your trip to Costa Rica: air transport


Once you have determined when to go and where, you will need to plan your air tickets.  


If you opt for the South Pacific facade (Osa and the Corcovado region), San Jose will be your city of arrival. The prices vary between 600 € and 700 € return from France, except in July, August and December where they range between 800 € and 1000 €.

Do you carry specific equipment during your trip, such as a fishing rod? Provide suitable packaging and additional costs


Hébergement en lodge au Costa Rica, proche de la mer

Prepare your trip to Costa Rica: accommodation in a hotel or lodge / guest house?


If you want to get away from the crowds of tourists, prefer a lodge / guesthouse near the Corcovado. You will have the pleasure of interacting with locals, who will be able to advise you on interesting activities in the region.


Nueva Vida Lodge, close to Corcovado


Prepare your trip to Costa Rica: visa, health, security


To travel to Costa Rica and the Corcovado region from France, a simple passport (valid at least 6 months after the date of your arrival in the country) is necessary. If your trip does not exceed 90 days, customs will issue you a tourist visa.  


Costa Rica is a country without security problems. In San Jose, the capital, and in some big cities, rules of prudence apply as everywhere else.  


No obligation in terms of vaccination (are recommended vaccines DTP, hepatitis B and A, measles, as well as rabies and typhoid). All the same, provide insurance in your budget.


Contact My Fishing Trip / Nueva Vida Lodge for more details


Staying in Costa Rica: what budget to plan


Your budget will not be the same whether you like traveling in great comfort or discovering the Corcovado in a backpack.


Inland transport

In terms of transportation, if you choose to rent a car during your trip, expect a budget of around $ 650 / week for a small 4X4 that will take you everywhere.  


If you prefer public transportation while staying on the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado Park, the budget will be lighter: allow $ 15 for the bus from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez; $ 5 for the shuttle crossing the bay to Golfito; $ 3 for a bus trip from Puerto Jimenez to surrounding villages (El Tigre, etc.).



You can plan between $ 4 and $ 8 for a meal in a soda (small local restaurant offering typical dishes) and between $ 15 and $ 30 for a meal in a classic restaurant. There are few gourmet restaurants in Costa Rica, the culinary culture is very different from that of Europe.


There are campsites offering overnight stays around $ 10.  


However, during the high season, you will not find a room less than $ 40 (in a lodge or a hotel), with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 150 per night.  


For a luxury hotel room, prices can soar up to $ 500 per night, see beyond. Il existe des campings proposant des nuitées aux alentours de 20 €.




The cost of activities is very varied in Costa Rica, the budget is difficult to set. In the Osa Peninsula, it is easy to observe for free flora and fauna by walking around the beaches or the forest: flights of macaws, monkeys wandering from branches to branches, dolphins in the bay...


You can also book excursions in the Corcovado with passionate local guides, who will take you and make you discover more intensively the biodiversity of the peninsula. Count between $ 35 and $ 250 depending on the duration and the difficulty chosen.

If you prefer not to worry about stewardship, you can consider an all inclusive stay, such as a My Fishing Trip or a turnkey trip for those wishing to engage in other activities. . You will only have the plane ticket to San Jose to plan. The rest is included!



Costa Rica all inclusive fishing trip - Osa Peninsula