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Activities near the lodge | Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Some of you come to Costa Rica to practice sport fishing, others to hike in the heart of the lush flora of Corcovado.



By staying in our Nueva Vida lodge in Osa Bay, you will live in the great outdoors and have access to many activities. Greg and Aurélie will be happy to help you organize and book your outings and excursions.

Massage au Lodge de My Fishing Trp : Nueva Vida

Massage at the lodge: relax after a day of fishing or activities


Aurélie, masseuse by profession, offers massage sessions in a space dedicated to the relaxation of our lodge Nueva Vida.


You can enjoy its know-how to relax after a hike, a day of fishing or activities:

  • Custom massage 1h or 1h30 (depending on the needs of your body)
  • Face and scalp massage 30 minutes
  • Neck, back, shoulders 30 minutes (ideal after a day of fishing)
  • Legs and feet 30 minutes (ideal after a hike or a day of activities)


The My Fishing Trip and Nueva Vida team is listening to you. Contact us if you have any questions. It is important to prepar your trip well.


With My Fishing Trip, participate in the preservation of Costa Rica's turtles

Concerned about animal welfare and the environmental impact of humans on Costa Rica's flora and fauna, Aurélie and Gréogry from My Fishing Trip joins forces with a preservation group: Tortugas Preciosas de Osa in Costa Rica. By staying at the Nueva Vida lodge, depending on the season, you may also be able to help the association by helping to release young turtles on the "Playa Preciosa" beach at Perto Jimenez.


These outings make it possible to finance the equipment necessary for the preservation of turtles on the peninsula.

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Activities and discovery of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


An exceptional environment, a unique experience: the Corcovado, the Osa Peninsula and more generally Costa Rica will delight you with their richness.


Are you looking for activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and that are not related to sport fishing? Here are some ideas for touching the history and customs of this beautiful country.

Discover a preserved region

  • Chocolate tour : visit to a cocoa farm. On the program: culture, history and tasting.
  • Gold digger : Dos Brasos del Rio Tigre is the oldest village on the peninsula, in the past a village of gold diggers. The population still practices this activity by following strict preservation rules. It is possible to go yourself to try to find gold in the rivers with a guide.


Walk the surrounding nature

  • Corcovado Trek : the country's first nature reserve, the Corcovado is located 5 minutes from the Nueva Vida lodge. You can opt for a day trek, 2 days / 1 night or 3 days / 2 nights.
  • Waterfall visit
  • Horse riding
Sortie de pêche à la journée ou demi journée au bord des côtes du Costa Rica - Corcovado



Accompanied by a qualified fishing guide, discover the pleasures of recreational fishing in a heavenly setting.



Contact My Fishing Trip

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